Bajaj Finance, Cholamandalam Investment, Ujjivan, Equitas to get astrological support: Satish Gupta

Today’s planetary position: Moon will be transiting in Leo Mars in Aries, Lord Jupiter in Scorpio, Lord Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius. Ketu in Capricorn. Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, Lord Rahu in Cancer. Pluto in Sagittarius. Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces.

Rahukal Time: -12:00 – 13-30

We have been continuously predicting about astrologically uncomfortable position of Indian stock markets. We again repeat that uncomfortable to continue and it is sell on every rise.

Following sectors will be receiving astrological support:

NBFC: Bajaj Finance, Cholamandalam Investment, Ujjivan Financial Services, Equitas Holdings, etc.

Due to change in position by planets, astrological position of Indian stock markets will be highly uncomfortable in coming days. It will be sell on every rise. This uncomfortable position will continue for some time.

This was one of most difficult prediction of recent times since Nifty closed above 11k on February 6, 7 2019 and everyone became super bullish.