Realities of Law as a career

A person in black robes presenting well-articulated arguments in front of a judge in a courtroom has been a sight to savour for many. The power that comes with the knowledge of law has attracted many students to pursue law as a career. However, to reach a respectable position and to become a soughtafter lawyer is not a cake walk. A lot of students take up the profession because of the flexibility that it provides and the wide range of fields that it opens up. Then we have students who are inclined towards providing social justice and want to contribute their bit to the society. Then there is an inevitable thrill of challenges that every case brings with it. However, everything is not that rosy or easy as it looks in various TV dramas or films that you watch. It is a challenging job that requires fine skills to survive the cut throat competition.


There are a lot of misconceptions about law school. To start with, it is a highly competitive field in terms of coursework and extra-curricular activities. Even if you are a topper in your law school it does not guarantee you success as a lawyer or to keep you ahead in the race. It takes extreme toll on mental wellbeing as it is not easy to finish law school. One has to have good memorising abilities as the need to recall numerous laws and cases is a must to excel. Another important trait that is a must is the analytical power. It is better to read a lot and observe to improve your analysis. The best preparation is the participation in moot courts that are held at various law schools.


After completing the college one should enrol as an advocate with state bar councils, which are regulated by the Advocates Act 1961. The process in these councils may differ from state to state. Then one must clear All India Bar Examination (AIBE) conducted by Bar Council of India, which assesses analytical capabilities and knowledge of the law.

Once you clear the exam, you will get a certificate of practice. You can become a lawyer after completing the LLB course but to become an advocate one has to clear the AIBE.

One can set up a law office after completing the course and start practicing independently. However, it is always best to first practice under an experienced lawyer that will help you in learning the tricks of the trade.

The challenge is not to start the practice but bring in the clients. This requires aggressive PR in the legal circles so that you can get referral clients. Remember it is a field where there is no dearth of lawyers and to stand out, you need a strategy to popularise yourself. The most important trait that comes in handy is patience. Sometimes it takes years to reach a stage where you can command a good fee.


A lawyer gets to work on various legal issues and it helps in earning the respect of the clients along with an opportunity to get good perks. It is a very secured job, if you are a good lawyer and have made a name for yourself in legal circles, because people will always need legal advice and help. The older you get, the wiser you become, the more clients you can attract because of the experience that you have added to your resume.

When you fight cases, there are chances that you will make enemies on the way. Sometimes it needs strong will power to stand up to people and make your enemies feel your presence. The job of a lawyer is very demanding and requires extreme concentration as you have to work on several cases simultaneously. Working hours are too long and you cannot afford to become lethargic as it is a highly competitive field.

Remember, it is a lengthy process and it is hard to stick to it. However, all the obstacles are more or less there in almost every profession but the respect that lawyers get is beyond imagination. One thing is common in every person in this profession and that is perseverance.

A career in law takes you on a journey of constant learning and self-betterment. It enables a lawyer to help people and contribute positively to the lives of people.